The concept of "TOKYO MONTHLY 21"Concept

Top Quality

"Completely self-developed properties" can provide
the top-level quality which is our standard specification.

We provide the same level of quality as upper class hotels
even if you choose any area or property.

Tokyo Monthly 21 is considerably different from the other standard monthly apartments.

So-called Monthly or Weekly Apartments are not provided usually with a same quality according to areas or properties.

Tokyo Monthly 21 has been searching for a living space of high social status through the self-developement, design and management consistently at all property.

We provide satisfying living environments at the top-level quality which is never found
in monthly apartments that only Tokyo Monthly 21 can provide.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or inquiries.

9:30-18:30 on Weekdays
(9:30-18:00 on Sat, Sun, Holidays)