Check in / Check out ProceduresFlow


  1. step1Choose your Apartment

    Please contact us about desirable apartments, location, budget and period by e-mail or phone. English speaking staff is available for your inquiry. Our specialist staff will suggest apartments that will suit your needs.

    Please feel free to ask us any questions if you are not familier with Tokyo and don't know which area is better to choose or it's for your first time and don't know how to use Monthly Apartments.

  2. step2Suggestions of Properties

    Our specialist staff will suggest apartments that will suit your needs after we confirmed your inquiry.

    Specific details such as apartment detailed information, estimates, facility features can be provided by e-mail or phone.

  3. step3Application / Tenant Screening

    Please fill out the application form and submit if you decide to book your apartment. Applications will be accepted from our web site and FAX as well (Please ask if you do not have access to Internet) . A copy of your valid Photo ID is required at application.

    We will start with a tenant screening once we confirmed your application contents, then guide you through the procedures of contract after the tenant screening is done.

    • * Please note that we do not accept any applications by phone.
    • * Minors aged under 20 years old are not allowed to have a contract.
    • * Cancellation fee will be required when cancellation requests are made after your application.
  4. step4Contract / Payment

    Contract documents and invoice will be sent after the tenant screening. You will be asked to come over to check in at the management office in case contract documents are difficult to be delivered before check in date. Overseas customers will be asked to check in at the management office.

    Contract payments can be paid by bank transfer or credit card. Regarding the credit card payment, online payment or payment at check in is available. An advanced payment is required.

  5. step5Room Key Handover / Check in

    There are 2 options to choose how to receive room key.

    • 1-Room key handover takes place at the management office (9:30-18:30 on Weekdays, 9:30-18:00 on Sat, Sun, Holidays)
    • 2-Receive room key at designated address in Japan on the previous day of check in (Additional cost 800 JPY required)

    Check in time is 10:00 A.M..

Check Out

  1. step1Check Out Time

    Check out time is 14:00. The extra fee of late check out 1,100 JPY per hour will be charged after 14:00.
    However, Please note that it's subject to availability.

  2. step2Check Out Procedure

    Please inform us after return your room key in your room mailbox on the 1st floor by 14:00.

  3. step3Attention when you check out

    Please make sure to take out the garbage to the garbage room by yourself at check out. Please note that there are cases of disposal costs may be charged if there are garbage left. An additional fee will be charged in case the wallpaper is significantly dirty by smoking or willfull damage.

New building

Please fell free to contact us if you have any questions or inquiries.

Open:Mon through Sat 9:30-18:30
*Closed on Sun